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Waynoun 2013


Six Lebanese women, different ages, await the return of their sons, brothers, husbands or lovers, who have been missing since the Civil War. VOID depicts the events that take place on the eve of the Beirut Parliament Square sit-in, where the women petition to renew the cases of their missing men. The lives of these women revolve around waiting for the men in their lives. A wait filled with uncertainty, and hope


Written by: Georges Khabbaz

Directed by: ‪‎NajiBechara‬, JadBeiruty‬ ‪, ZeinaMakki‬ ‪, TarekKorkomaz‬ , Christelle Ighniades‬ ‪ MariaAbdelKarim‬ ‪, SalimHabr‬

33 Days 2012


بعد قيام المقاومة بعملية نوعية لاسترداد الاسرى اللبنانيين لدى اسرائيل، يحاول الجيش الاسرائيلي الدخول الى عيتا الشعب بقيادة العقيد آفي (بيار داغر)، و الذي يحمل ذكريات أليمة مع أهالي عيتا وخصوصاً أم عباس (كارمن لبس ) حيث كان موجودا منذ ما قبل انسحاب الجيش الاسرائيلي في عام 2000. في الجهة المقابلة محمد سرور (باسم مغنية) و الذي ينتظر مولوده الأوّل من حنان ( نسرين طافش) و يوسف دهيني (يوسف الخال) الذي تباغته الحرب في يوم زواجه من نسرين (كندة علّوش) يقودان المقاومة لمنع احتلال عيتا.


Director: Jamal Shoorje

Writers: Ali Dadars, Hadi Koubeissi

Stars: Carmen Lebbos, Youssef El Khal, Nesrine Tafesh


Chati ya Dine


Kidnapped in mid-80s, during the war in Lebanon, Ramez re-emerged twenty years later. He returned to his family who lost all hope of finding him alive. Ramez is very much affected psychologically and morally. His return shakes him and his family. During his wanderings in the heart of Beirut city, he crosses the path of a woman, Zeinab, (Carmen lebbos) who is anxious for the return of her husband who was kidnapped at the same period; the two built a relationship based on their entrapment in that phase.


Directed by : Bahij Hojeij

Co-starring : Hassan Mrad , Julia Kassar


Whatever Lola Wants

by PATHE film (France)


This French movie talks about friendship between two generations and two different persons from unlike backgrounds: Asmahan (Carmen lebbos), the retired Egyptian dancer and Lola, an American girl following her dreams till the edge.


Directed by : Nabil Ayouch

Written by : Nathalie Saugeon, Jane Hawksley and Nabil Ayouch

Co-starring : Laura Ramsey, Assaad Bouab and Hichem Rostom



Falling from Earth

By : Chadi Zeneddine


Rafic Ali Ahmad, Carmen Lebbos, Naya Salame


This production is a series of short movies all talking about the Lebanese war and its direct and indirect victims. Carmen plays the role of Lamia, a women that is still waiting for her love to come back.



The Celebration for the dissapearance of a Lebanese soldier in a very touching count metrage.


Written and Directed by Adel Serha


ZOZO 2005

Lila Dit ça 2004

An Arab family composed of the mum ( Carmen lebbos) and the son, trying to integrate in the French society when an emancipated teen aged girl arrives and changes the son’s whole life.


Directed by : Ziad Doueiri

Co-starring : Vahina Giocante and Mohammed Khouas




By MEMFIS Film (Sweeden)


Zozo is his young counterpart, growing up in Beirut during civil war. On the eve of their emigration to Sweden, his entire family are cruelly dispatched by Lebanese militia, leaving Zozo to make the journey alone to a new home. In time, Zozo makes his way to Sweden, where he's taken in by his grandmother and grandfather . Carmen plays Zozo’s mother


Written by : Joseph Fares

Directed by : Joseph Fares

Co-starring : Imad Doueihy

In the Battlefields 2003

By Quo Vadis Cinema (France)

Co produced by : Versus Production (Belgium) and Taxi Films Production (Lebanon)


This one is about Lina a teen-aged girl who was raised by her aunt’s maid. Lina lives an inter-conflict following the separation of her parents and how this fact affected her ideas, mainly the sexual ones. The whole story occurred during the Lebanese war.


Written and Directed by : Danielle Arbid

Co-starring : Marianne Feghali and Rawya El Chabb



By 3B (France)


This production illustrates the point of view of three teenagers and how they were living and seeing the Lebanese war.

Carmen plays Tarek’s mom Hala


Written and Directed by : Ziad Doueiri

Co-starring : Rami Doueiry, Mohammad Chammas and Roula Al Amin



West Beirut 1997

Abou Zaynab



Written by: Reddah Iskandar, Mahmoud Ghoulami


Directed by: Ali ghafari


Starring: Ammar Chalak, Bassem Moghnieh